Minister Emeritus, Roswell Avenue Church of Christ, Kansas City, KS
Vice President of Institutional Expansion, Southwestern Christian College

      Dr. James O. Maxwell serves as Vice-President of Institutional Expansion at Southwestern Christian College (SwCC). He was Academic Dean at SwCC from 1971 to 1978. As Vice-President, he initiates and maintains fund-raising campaigns, writes proposals for public and private grants, prepares news releases of college functions, edits the SwCC Communiqué, and solicits deferred gifts for the college. He is also a professor of Bible and Religious Education.

      He received the Associate of Arts degree from Southwestern Christian College, the Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Education at Pepperdine University, the Master of Religious Education degree from Central Theological Seminary in Kansas City, the Master of Science degree in Higher Education from East Texas State University (now Texas A&M-Commerce), and the Master of Theology degree (Equivalent) from Southern Methodist University; he completed all work but the thesis for the MA in Speech Communication at Ohio State University. He also earned the Doctor of Ministry degree from Southern Methodist University (Perkins School of Theology).  He also received the Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree from Southwestern Christian College.

     Dr. Maxwell served as minister for the North Gulfport and Moss Point, Mississippi, churches of Christ; the Cleveland Avenue Church of Christ in Columbus, Ohio; the Roswell Church of Christ in Kansas City, Kansas; the Lawrence and Marder and the Cherry Valley churches of Christ in Dallas; and has served Southern Hills Church of Christ in Dallas since 1990. Dr. Maxwell retired as Minister of the Southern Hills Church of Christ on June 11, 2006. On June 25, 2006, he began his work as Minister of Development and Outreach with the Roswell Avenue Church of Christ in Kansas City, Kansas. Currently, he is commuting from Texas to Kansas while working with the Roswell Avenue church.

     He has served as the local Director of the 2005 Crusade for Christ in Dallas, Texas. He has served as Co-Director for the 2008 Crusade for Christ in Kanas City, Missouri. He was one of the originators of “Let’s Do It Christ’s Way,” a TV program sponsored by several Dallas Metroplex churches of Christ. He has served as program chairman for several years and is a regular presenter.

     He was selected as a Title III “Proposal Reader” by the Office of Education to evaluate proposals prepared by colleges and universities for Federal Grants.

     He is author of “There Is a Lion in the Way,” “The Way of Truth,” “The Bible and Abortion,” “The Tangled Web of Deceit,” “Super Bowl VII,” a commentary on the symbols in Revelation, “Hush Your Mouth!,” “I Can’t come Down,” and “Don’t Know Much About Church History,” Recently, he authored “No Upreach Without Outreach and Let’s Go Back…Way Back!”

     Dr. Maxwell has co-authored, with Dr. Jack Evans, “Divorce and Remarriage in the Church of Christ,” and he has edited four SwCC Lectureship books. He has also published four of his debates entitled, Jesus-Only Doctrine and Pentecostalism, Divorce and Remarriage, Metaphysical Research, and The Axe is Laid To The Root of the Tree (7th Day Adventism).

     He also wrote six lessons that were published in three Twentieth Century Christian Adult Bible Quarterlies. He is the editor and a staff writer for the Christian Echo and has written for the Gospel Advocate. He has written twelve tracts, eleven of which are featured in the Haun Publishing Company and the Gospel Advocate Catalogs.

     His community services have included: President of Urban Development; member, the Executive Board, John C. Ford Legal and Business Aid Community Assistance Program, Dallas, Texas; member, Board of Trustees, New Life Behavior Prison Ministry and Curriculum for Inmates; member, Terrell State Hospital Ethnic Relations Committee. He currently serves on the board of the Terrell Historic Preservation Commission.

     His honors include: selected as Outstanding Alumnus of SwCC in 1971; honored for service rendered as the SwCC Academic Dean; awarded the Key to the City of Augusta, Georgia, in 1983; given a 20 year service award plaque from SwCC in 1991. Father of Valor and the Man of Valor Awards from the SwCC Beautification Committee. In 2012, he received the Christian Chronicle Service Award. He has also received the Distinguished Christian Service Award from Harding Christian University in 2015.

     Dr. Maxwell is married to the former Betty Allison. They have three children: James Apollos, Julian DeShawn, and Miriam Renee Smith; and 5 grandchildren.