Roswell Avenue Church of Christ, Kansas City, Kansas
As Minister of Development and Outreach, Dr. Maxwell has completed a strategic plan which includes all the aspects of church work and community outreach. Included in this plan; the appointment of Elders and Deacons and a $5.1 million dollar Senior Villas to enhance the life of the church and the community. Three elders and five deacons were appointed in June, 2007.

L to R: Elders Randy George, Huey Hervey, Stanley Addison;Deacons Timothy Anderson,
William Davis, Alvin Williams and Oscar Williams

$5.1 Million Dollar HUD, 41 Units Senior Villas
Dedicated March 10, 2013

SwCC Ministerial Students Honor Dr. James Maxwell
Over 30 Ministerial students of Southwestern Christian College wanted to honor Dr. Maxwell because of his teaching, training and inspiring them to higher heights, in the past and in the present. On March 9, 2006, The Dr. James Maxwell Ministerial Room was dedicated in his honor. This room is located across from the Ben Foster, Jr. Memorial Auditorium in the Jack Evans Administration Building. Dr. James Maxwell Ministerial Room will be used by students for group and individual study. Visiting ministers may also go there to access e-mail, study and relax.
Features: Maxwell Portrait and Plaque, Bible Reference Books & Commentary, Computers, Printers, Copier & TV. This room was destroyed by fire in January, 2008, but will be replaced in the newly constructed Jack and Patricia Evans Foundational Arts Building.

The Jack and Patricia Evans Foundational Arts Center

SwCC New Administration Building
The new Administration building is named partly for Doctors Ben Foster, Douglas Howie and James Maxwell. Their photos and plaques are hung in the foyer of the building.