Excerpts of Books

I Can’t Come Down

    If you have lived long enough and have experienced trying to be something and do something, you know what it means to be discouraged. There are scores of people who have gone to their graves with great and noble dreams of the character they could have possessed, the aspirations they could have accomplished, the work they could have done, the goals they could have reached, the success they could have achieved, and the good influence they could have spread. But all these noble things are buried with them in their graves with the invisible epitaph written on their tombstones, “DIED A FAILURE BECAUSE OF DISCOURAGEMENT.”

Don’t Know Much About Church History

    The Restoration Movement of the nineteenth century should not be confused with the Reformation, which was influenced greatly by Martin Luther. The Reformation leaders had as their aim the reformation of the Roman Catholic Church. The Restoration leaders’ goal was to restore the New Testament Church and the practice of New Testament Christianity. Just as the reformers had no intention of starting a new church, the restorers did not intend to star a new church.

Super Bowl VII

    The purpose of Revelation is to comfort encourage and edify Christians to endure against Roman persecution. (Rev. 17:6, 18) John’s main focus was to the Churches of Asia Minor. (Rev. 1:9-11, 14:12) He stressed that the bulk of things which he wrote “must shortly come to pass” rather than to be a modern reality. However there are events in Revelation that have relevance for the present time and end-time. The persecution that John spoke of was mainly to take place in the lives of those within the churches of Asia Minor near the time that John penned his message to these churches.

The Tangled Web Of Deceit

    Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive! Sir Walter Scott How true are the above words when we think of the tangled web in which modern religion is woven. Men, who are master craftsmen at deceiving the minds of the uninformed and the gullible public, are weaving webs so tangled until only God and His Word can unravel. During the days of Isaiah there were men who were separated from God because they spoke lies and “muttered perverseness.” In so doing Isaiah declared that they were weaving “the spider’s web” (Isaiah 59:1-6).

There Is A Lion In The Way

    “The slothful man saith, there is a lion in the way; a lion is in the streets” (Prov. 26:13) The lion in the way and in the streets is not the lion who is ascribed as the “King of the Jungle.” The lion in the way is not the type of lion that is trained by circus performers. The lion that I am speaking of is even more ferocious than the roaring lions in Africa. This lion has been practically everywhere, and has done about everything! We are to be on our guard against this lion, for this lion is the DEVIL!

Hush Your Mouth!

    This book is composed of several sermonic messages preached in black churches and excerpts from the author’s doctoral dissertation on the communication elements of preaching, worship and ministry in predominately black churches. Some of the sermonic messages are: How Great It Is, No Man Cares For My Soul, If God Be For Us, Cushioning The Blows of Divorce, But Sunday Is Coming, God’s Mountain Dew, The Anointing and The Appointing and many more.

Therapeutic Hermeneutics

    At a time when we are experiencing apostasy on every hand in the Church, Christians may wonder why so many doctrinal concerns that they thought were once settled are under much change and scrutiny. One main reason is the way that we regard the Bible and interpret the Bible. The term “hermeneutics” means the science of interpreting the Scriptures. The hermeneutical principle of churches of Christ has traditionally involved “speaking where the Bible speaks and being silent where the Bible is silent.”

No Upreach Without Outreach

    Christianity is more than being a member of Christ’s church, more than attending Bible classes and all of the worship sessions. Christianity is more than singing a cappella and eating unleavened bread and drinking Welch’s grape juice or Mogen David wine for communion each Sunday. Christianity is more than giving liberally of one’s finances; it is more than quoting inspirational biblical passages and occasionally saying “Amen” or “Hallelujah.” Christianity is more than being good. It is good to be good, but we need more people in the church who are “good for something,” rather than “good for nothing.”

Let’s Go Back…Way Back!

    A 258 page book that deals with black presence in the Restoration Movement in churches of Christ. It provides a thorough and candid history of the change movement within the church and biblical refutation of the movement.